About Strafworp!

Download here seperately the game board, player cards and other game resources. (9 MB, PDF) NB They are also present in the rules document.

Strafworp! As fast as the game of korfball


Strafworp! is a free, fast-paced board game for players of 7 years and above. It resembles the sport called korfball. But you don’t have to know korfball to play the game. Strafworp! is played with two to eight players, who play a match in two teams. A match will take about half an hour.


The goal of Strafworp! is to win the match. To win, you will have to score more goals than the other team. A draw is also possible. As attacker, you want to score goals by shooting the ball through the korf (basket). This will only be possible if you play together with your team. As defender, you try to prevent goals. But be careful, because infringements of the rules will be punished by a free pass or a penalty strafworp, in Dutch).

The rules, in short

The main events of Strafworp!

This is a summary of the most important game events of Strafworp!. Before your match starts, you set up the game board: make teams and position your figurines. Then the match is played in two halves of ten minutes. In the half time break the teams change zones. When the second half has finished, you know the final score.

In the first half, the home team starts as attacking side. In the second half, the away team starts. One of the attackers starts with a throw-off at the start of each half and after each goal. Attacks follow: the attackers change positions, pass the ball and try to score a goal. The defenders try to prevent this.

After each goal, the team who has just conceded the goal becomes attackers: they start with a throw-off. If a defender intercepts the ball, his/her team becomes the attacking side.

If a defender violates the rules resulting in a free pass or penalty, the attacker takes it. Or else a new attack starts.

The Strafworp! game board explained


Strafworp! by Remco van Veenendaal and Velocitas Leiderdorp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Feel free to modify and share the game (or improve the translation). For commercial purposes, please contact Remco van Veenendaal.

Playing suggestions

Strafworp! is a free, downloadable game. As a result, it does not come in a box. (Not yet. Contact Remco van Veenendaal if you’re interested.) Print the game resources and/or use your creativity to create your instance. Here you’ll find some examples.

Play Strafworp! with large pawns and a ‘real’ ball
Or use checkers to play Strafworp!
And what about a game of Strafworp! with Carcassonne ‘meeples’ as figurines?
This is what Strafworp! looks like if you use the downloadable resources
Or be creative…